Best Star Wars toys to buy for kids

The holiday season is coming upon us and for many children, this means the season of new toys. Each year parents are scratching their heads and try to think of new ideas to make their children happy. Just like fashion trends, the popularity of various toys fluctuates regularly.

However, for the past few years, one franchise in particular has managed to stay on top of many children’s wish lists from letters to Santa. That franchise is of course the Star Wars franchise. With the release of the final movie of the sequel trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, in 2019 and The Mandalorian live-action series winning many well-deserved accolades in 2020, it is no wonder that the Star Wars popularity is on a constant surge. This is very well reflected in the toy industry as well. Many children hope to be able to recreate their favorite scenes and pretend to be a Jedi Knight.

Here we will introduce some of our top picks of Star Wars-themed toys. For other toys recommendations, visit the Lille Nord website.


The most important possession of any Jedi Knight is a lightsaber. There are many replicas being made all around the world and some of them are made especially for children. They light up with a simple switch and come in many colors so that each child can identify with any character they want. Some lightsabers even have changeable colors. They often make realistic sounds when turned on and may even have a recording of memorable one-liners from the movies. Children with cool lightsabers in hand can reenact famous battles and lightsaber fights from the movies, each playing their favorite character.

Action figures

Action figures are a part of any big and well-known franchise. The number of action figures available is simply astonishing. Of course, you can find figures of any main character, like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or Kylo Ren but you can also find figures that are designed to represent very specific scenes from the movies, such as Luke carrying Master Yoda on his back as part of his training on the planet Dagobah. Be careful with buying action figures though because once you start it is difficult to stop! No wonder that action figures are an important part of any fan’s collection.

Baby Yoda

Even if you have never watched a Star Wars movie you probably saw the image of the Baby Yoda somewhere. After all, this cute character has captured the hearts of many ever since it first appeared in 2019 in the Mandalorian series. Many toy makers, such as Mattel or Hasbro, have released their own versions of the Baby Yoda toys. You can buy your child a realistic plushie that is remote-controlled and plays different lines from the show. The variations of Baby Yoda plushies are endless with some featuring realistic movements that mimic the real thing. Or maybe you prefer a Baby Yoda that is made entirely out of Lego blocks? If you prefer something different you can also get the Baby Yoda version of the Monopoly game.