Best multi room tent for family camping

Family camping trips are always so much fun, but having to set up many different tents for every family member can get tiring very easily. Because of that, nowadays many families opt for the much more convenient, incredibly spaceous option of multi room tents. Online, you can find a multi room tent that fits your every needs, so that you can enjoy your camping trips to the fullest.

What to look for when buying a multi room tent

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing the perfect tent for your family trip is the size. The size of the tent can affect many different things: sleeping space, storage space for gear and tools, packing space and portability.

Most of the time, when a tent description mentions a capacity of 6 people, that may not necessarily mean it is feasible for 6 people to sleep inside at the same time. When placing down all your sleeping bags, you may realise that there is no room left for anything else, especially the essential camping gear that you need on hand at all times. Moreover, if you are camping with kids you will look for less space than if you were camping with other adults, so it is important to keep in kind exactly what you need.

Multi room tents with a lot of space also tend to take up a lot of packing space. You need to assess just how much packing space is available to you, so that you don’t have to compromise on the essential stuff just to fit your tent in your car. If you are not travelling by car and instead going hiking, then perhaps choosing a tent with too many rooms wouldn’t be convenient for you: in this case, choosing a simpler, 2-room or 3-room tent might be better.

Another important thing to consider when buying a multi room tent is the shape of the tent itself: this choice can be purely aesthetic, but it can also serve some utility for you. Between cabin tents and tunnel tents, cabin tents provide more space, but may not be as strong when it comes to harsher weather. Tunnel tents on the other hand are not as high, which may be less convenient for taller people.

What is the best multi room tent on Amazon?

If you are looking to buy a new multi room tent off Amazon, you need to make sure you choose the best one.

According to many reviews online, the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent is one of the best possible choices out there, as it is an incredibly flexible product that can adjust to your every needs. As the name suggests, the tent can fit up to 9 people, or three queen mattresses, and it also features a separate gear loft with small pockets to fit your luggage and belongings in. The fabric it is made of is extremelly water resistant tent, so you can be sure to use it during harsher weather as well.  You will also have the transparent mesh ceiling to watch the rain fall or the starry sky, while enjoying the company of your family inside the spacious interior.

This product really seems to live up to its reputation, allowing you to enjoy the perfect outdoors retreat with no compromise.

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