Inflatable Tents vs Regular Tents for Camping

Below are the 8 major differences between Inflatable tents and regular tents used for camping:

1. Definition: Inflatable tents also called as blow up or air tents, uses inflatable poles or beams which is pumped up via an air pump to give the perfect shape & structure. Traditional or regular tents are built using metals, fibreglass or plastics poles.

2. Erection: As Inflatable tents are inflated by using a pump, they are easy to assemble and fast to erect. There is no extra help required for erecting these tents as it does not rely on having expertise for pitching well. It can be easily pitched by a single person. Regular or traditional poles, in turn, takes longer time to assemble as the poles have to be carefully placed on ground according to the dimension of poles and then strongly threaded along with the gay lines to make it firmly standing.

3. Weight: Inflatable tents have their downside in having more weight as they come in a standalone single unit making them somewhat difficult to handle and transport. Regular tents where as are easier to handle as the poles can be placed in more than one or two bags making them suitable for easy transportation.

4. Stability: Stability of any type of tent depends much on weather conditions at the place of camping. Inflatable tents having central beam can easily withstand in serious and bad weather conditions as they provide a strong structural support. However, they may flex and get punctured in very strong wind but that causes less physical damage as the air pressure from them is already blown out due to puncture. Regular tents for camping, have solid poles and they do also provide strong and rigid support against the bad weather condition but they may bend and break which can rip through the tent fabric that can potentially result in more physical damage.

5. Space: Regular poles offer a variety of options in choosing size of tent. A bigger size regular tent is always easily available in market and can be chosen to accommodate large number of people. Inflatable tents having a limited beam width, may offer some big size tents but are not available in larger size that could be otherwise easily available with traditional or regular tents. To accommodate more people, Inflatable tents can be pitched bigger with the help of more people.

6. Explosion: People may think of explosion in an Inflatable tents. However, this is not true as they are built using modern technology making them very rigid and stable against explosion. Inflatable tents can be physically filled and inflated to a psi (unit for measuring pressure) level that is much lower than the higher tested psi level, thus making them to offer a lot of room for expanding tent.

7. Repair and Servicing: Inflatable tents are easy to repair and service. Inner valve and tube of an Inflatable tent can be very easily replaced in case of puncture. Regular tents though easy to repair but may have to be taken to servicing agency for tricky poles and fabric repair.

8. Cost: Built with latest air technology, Inflatable tents are quite expensive. They also offer great resale value. However, regular tents could be more expensive when top end model is chosen and for the same size and style, inflatable tents could cost less.